Pet Residue Cleanup

Pet Residue Cleanup

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.57.58 AMThe ideal way to keep pet runs, grass, kennels and much more – clean and odor free.
Drainbo Pet Residue Cleanup is designed to permeate into the pores of surfaces such as concrete and soil to digest the urine and fecal residue left behind.

The All Natural bacillus go to work to digest and fully eliminate the residue and odor not simply mask it like other products do.
Like all Drainbo products it is safe for people, pets and plants.

Safe and Clean for Home Use

  • Certified by the Natural Products Association.
  • Easy to use design, simply connect a hose and spray odors away.
  • All Natural bacillus bacteria digest waste to eliminate residue and odor not just mask it.
  • Your Safe, All Natural alternative which will not burn pets paws like chemical products can.
  • Eliminates pet waste odors from grass, pet runs, kennels, rock, concrete and more.
  • Not harmful to people, pets or plants.


32oz Drainbo® Natural Pet Residue Cleaner

32oz Drainbo® Natural Pet Residue Cleaner

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Great product. Reassuring that residual poo& stink isn't building up all over the garden. Dog stays away from it until the odor is faded which is reassuring. Our dog can smell it, but we cant.

California via September 1, 2014

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I got this to spray my daughter's patio area. She has three dogs and her small fenced patio is covered with artificial turf. Her dogs use the turf as their restroom area and sometimes it can begin to smell (especially when it's hot and there is no rain). I sprayed the patio and this did an excellent job of removing the smell. This is designed for pets so it is non-toxic for pets and humans. I would recommend this for anyone with pets and a yard.

daveb714 via San Ramon, CA August 3, 2015

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