Marine & RV Holding Tank Treatment

Drainbo® Natural Marine & RV Holding Tank Treatment is a biological holding tank treatment formulated for use in all boats, ships, recreational vehicles, and portable restrooms. An environmentally safe, economical and easy-to-use liquid concentrate, Drainbo® will penetrate, degrade, and digest biological waste, household grease, and detergents.

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Drainbo® Natural Marine & RV Holding Tank Treatment should be added every time your tank is emptied. Six ounces poured directly into the toilet weekly will keep the toilet fresh and the waste digested, add 2 ounces to the galley or kitchen sink for freshness and drain maintenance, repeat this treatment to the shower and bathroom sink which will keep the gray water tank fresh and drain lines clean and flowing smoothly

Shake Drainbo® Natural RV Holding Tank Treatment thoroughly before using.

Avoid contact with eyes and open wounds. Avoid ingesting Drainbo® product. In case of contact with eyes flush with plenty of cold water for at least 15 minutes. For contact with open wounds or broken skin wash area with warm water and soap and apply a bandage. In case of ingestion, drink several glasses of water and induce vomiting to avoid diarrhea.

Ask your RV supplier about Drainbo