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Works Very good

I had a very slow drain in my shower that I had tried other products to unclog with no success. I tried this product and it worked very well. The instructions are good as you mix with water in bucket and and pour in the drain. Simple as that as you do not need to run water in drain after awhile as with most drain cleaners. I put in at night as it suggested and t he next morning the drain worked very well. I would recommend this product.

KENK via Rochester Hills, MI November 19, 2015

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Natural treatment for drain clearing

To my surprise Drainbo works! Having recently used other chemicals to clear the drains in my kitchen, I used this in my slow running bathroom sink with excellent results. Be sure to shake the bottle thoroughly before use, as this product uses "all-natural microbes" to eat away at the gunk in the pipes. I included pictures of the back of the bottle, where the active ingredients are clearly listed.

HappyCustomerHere via US January 8, 2016

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Works well

The drain plug in our bathroom shower is designed such that every single strand of hair makes it down the drain. Why anybody thought that was a good idea, I'll never know. To combat it I've always used traditional drain cleaning chemicals which work pretty well, but not perfectly. The problem is they're designed to fix a problem, whereas Drainbo is designed to prevent a problem. You use it on a regular schedule even when the drain isn't clogged. Since switching to this product, my shower drain has remained clear. One thing I love about this product is you pour it down the drain then go to bed. You don't have to remember to come back in 15 minutes and flush it, which I always managed to forget to do.

timtsb via New Jersey February 4, 2016

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Fresh scent for pet cleanup

I got this to spray my daughter's patio area. She has three dogs and her small fenced patio is covered with artificial turf. Her dogs use the turf as their restroom area and sometimes it can begin to smell (especially when it's hot and there is no rain). I sprayed the patio and this did an excellent job of removing the smell. This is designed for pets so it is non-toxic for pets and humans. I would recommend this for anyone with pets and a yard.

daveb714 via San Ramon, CA August 3, 2015

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Great non toxic drain cleaner

Great non toxic drain cleaner
This stuff works great, better than other enzyme-based products I have tried!

Mary. via Bertram, TX June 7, 2017

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Best treatment ever

If you are looking for a excellent, afforable Septic Cleaning I recommend this one that Home Depot offers. I like to maintain my septic system on a monthly schedule, this product is a liquid with easy to follow directions, I like the fact it has a handle for pouring without the mess of powders, there is no offensive odors when using the product. I'll be using this product for continued maintenance, it helps that it doesn't "clean" out my wallet too......

Pros: Reliable, Easy to Install, Good Instructions

Shorthort via Trumansburg, NY November 24, 2015

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Easy to use

Came in an easy open bottle. You just mix 4 ounces with 4 cups of water, let it sit for 5 minutes so the natural microbes are activated and then just dump it down the drain and it naturally digests the blockage. There was no smell and I like the fact that it's a natural product, no harsh chemicals to burn your skin or damage the finish on the sink or the drain. On the directions it said if ingested, rinse your mouth with water, so it's got to be mild. I just dumped it down the drain before bed and in the morning I could use the sink. Previous to use, the sink drained slow and there was a gurgling sound when the water went down. I turned on the tap in the morning and the water went right down, no gurgling sound so it must have cleaned out the drain. There's enough for eight treatments so once a month you can mix some more to keep the drain flowing freely.

Nick via Attleboro, MA November 17, 2015

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Drainbo® Natural Drain Cleaner has been used in Pacific Park Plaza to clear the cast-iron pipes of organic matter for nearly a decade. The product is primarily introduced in the vents on the roof of this 30-story high-rise residential condominium. We have seen the interior of drain lines that were nearly blocked with a black sludge now appear as if they were scrubbed. Pipes that once backed up on a fairly regular basis are now virtually problem free. We have enjoyed a marked reduction in costs due to the need for emergency snaking and water remediation. Drainbo® does the job, and does it well.
Sincerely –
Pacific Park Homeowners Association
Dean Jackson
General manager

Dean Jackson Emeryvile, CA June 11, 2015

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Ewwwww That Smell… can you smell that smell??

You know that smell when your pipes have gunk in them and the kitchen sink smells like backed up sewage? You re afraid to have people over because you can't get rid of the smell?

This is the perfect product to help get rid of that smell and the gunk associated with it.

Follow the instructions and you will have nice clean smelling drains wherever you use this cleaner.

ClaireS via Houston, TX December 9, 2015

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I love it

Great product,

Dale Ronne via March 6, 2014

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Easy to use

Ordered this product to treat my twenty three year old septic tank. The ease of this product is outstanding. No measuring, no mixing. Just pour the entire bottle in the toilet and let it do it's magic. It's that easy. The product is long lasting too. One treatment will last up to three months. If you want a quality product at a good price then I would recommend this product.

Pros: Reliable, Easy to Install, Good Instructions

darmy4 via Winfield, Alabama November 14, 2015

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You can use this to treat a clog or to maintain clog-free drains. It is all-natural and very easy to use, since it is a liquid and pours more easily than powders or beads. It is very concentrated so you don't have to use much. You should get eight applications from one bottle, unlike most drain cleaners that only give you about two. I like this because it is better for the environment.

redwitch23 via Jackson, NJ May 4, 2016

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Works Great!

Drainbo stain & odor eliminator is a natural alternative to the chemical- based products offered by other manufacturers. Good start.

We had a 1-day old dog urine stain on a carpet. We already tried to clean the stain with water & soap, and sprayed it with the fabric odor thing that is supposed to eliminate odors. The next day you could still smell it when you stick your nose close enough. We used two sprays of Drainbo and an hour later we can smell nothing. I agree that it eliminates odors and not just masks them. It does have a slight odor after you spray, but it smells like something fresh & natural. The product's odor goes away after 5-10 minutes.
I usually give "4 stars" to products that work well, and "5 stars" to exceptional products. This is closer to exceptional so I'll give it 5.
It does work, give it a try.

thebighash via GA November 15, 2015

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Easy and safe alternative.

I didn't have clogged drains but do have one drain that is slower so thought I would try this product. We have a septic system so hate to use harsh chemicals. The directions were clear and this product was easy to mix and treat. This will treat up to 8 drains per bottle. The one drain that was slow, does appear to be emptying faster or filling up to fast while using it. Really like that this is a safe non-toxic product.

hillgang via Sargent, TX December 9, 2015

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Interesting Solution

This Drainbo Stain and Odor Eliminator tackles an old problem with pets, namely that if you have pets, sometimes you're going to end up with soiled carpets, at least to some degree. Our dog is over 15 now and this sort of thing is occasionally inevitable. I scrub the carpeting with a shampooer often, but in between carpet shampoos I've found this product to be the best. It smells pleasant, so the first problem is immediately helped. But it also uses a biological source (natural bacillus) to completely remove the residue. It's an interesting solution that seems to work pretty well. Most importantly, it's safe for people and pets.

NEMajorDude via New Jersey November 13, 2015

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All-natural microbes, pleasant scent, easy to apply

A year ago we had most of our 2 inch drain pipe replaced in our 40 year old house and the plumber recommended using a natural drain treatment to keep the pipes clear. This product fits the need being all-natural microbes that simply need to be activated by warm water to digest household fats, oils, grease, etc. The solution is then poured down each house drain (sink, tub, laundry) at bedtime.

This product is safe for all types of drains (metal or plastic). It did not harm any of the drain covers or other hardware, and left a light scent similar to a carpet cleaner or mild laundry soap.

No need to worry about any drips or splashes as this product is not harmful to people, pets, or plants. I plan to continue to use this product periodically (label suggest 30-60 days).

DIYBob via Boise, Idaho November 28, 2015

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Not in to all natural, but this works great. Best I have tried.

I tried the spray with the best reviews I could find and tried on my old carpet stain (dog urine). It works, but the stain keeps coming back. It will be clean beige for a day or so but then slowly turns gold again. For awhile I thought it was my eyes, but my mother could see it too. Anyway, I did some research online about cleaners and found this one. I have used the septic treatments with "good" bacteria, so I knew that they eat the gunk in the septic system. Seemed to make sense they might eat the pet waste in a stain. According to other reviews this product works better because the bacteria keeps eating until nothing is left, then dies. Well, it works. No more stain residue. Now you have to apply liberally. make sure it soaks through the stain,, but then look out. It took several days to be gone completely, but it was. I am totally sold, Some of the other products "clean" what is on the surface, but in the process of "lifting" the stain out on carpet, then just bring the stain back to the surface. This worked from the top down. Excellent product, I think its the best!

Canderson via Marietta, GA July 23, 2015

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4 Star Review

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Dora via September 7, 2017

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Crossroads Dining (UC Berkeley) has been using Drainbo® Natural Drain Cleaner since its opening date in early 2003. We notice positive results with less service calls than anticipated.

UC Berkeley, a leader in environmental sensitivity, strives to make financially viable and ecological decisions in our waste stream management. Drainbo® Natural Drain Cleaner is an environmentally safe and natural product that actually works. This product is highly recommended for any institutional kitchen as a grease build-up prevention program.

Brian Walker Berkeley, CA November 19, 2013

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Sounds Great!

It's a little difficult to say that this is the next best thing in septic system treatment, as you really can't know if it's working until you find out that it isn't... But I like what I've read about it and was willing to give it a try. It has a blend of naturally safe, friendly microbes, (We hope!) and it's easy to use (We know!) It's supposed to keep your Septic system clean, clear and operating at peak efficiency treating all drain and sewage lines, increasing the digestion of waste in the septic tank through the biological formulation, and digesting and removing sludge deposits in the leach field, all of which I want it to do.
I'll get back to you in a few months, and we'll see.

Kitchen King via San Antonio, TX April 27, 2016

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Simple and quick way to unclog your drain

The 32 OZ. DRAIN TREATMENT AND CLEANER is the simplest way to unclog your drains quickly. I used it in our shower drain, but can be used in other household drains as well. Just follow the water to treatment ratio instructions, pour down the drain, and wait for instructed time. I poured in drain at night then let it work overnight before using the shower the next day.

Whitney via Florida April 11, 2016

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Best Spot Cleaner

Drainbo Stain and Odor Eliminator works quickly in just ten minutes. I had little spots from wet stains in the carpeting that were randomly located throughout the house and I didn't have time to shampoo the entire floor. I used Drainbo's cleaner and it works beautifully.

The odor neutralizer really takes away lingering stinky spots and it is 100% safe to use. I love it.

vssss via Tulsa November 17, 2015

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Superb Drain Treatment and Cleaner

I am really pleased with the DrainBo Drain Treatment and Cleaner. It really does a beautiful job of cleaning our ancient pipes. I realize that I am going to have difficulty keeping these pipes cleaned since I am still working on a huge repair/renovation project and there is construction dust all over the place. Since I needed to ask for help, my family comes when they can so there is more pressure on the plumbing system when they all show up at once. Not ideal for me or the plumbing. This drain cleaner uses natural microbes to cleanse and the odor is minimal and is not noticible at all after a couple of hours. It works best if used overnight. I plan on using this product consistently going forward and sincerely recommend it.

Yazsgranny via Inkster, MI November 20, 2015

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Easy Cleaning of your RV tanks

This is absolutely the greatest RV tank treatment I have ever used in my 5+ years of RVing. It is amazing stuff and controls odor like I've never smelled before. I was absolutely amazed at the list of ingredients that will help to clean my holding tanks and you will be too. But, you know what? This stuff actually works! And what's more, based on the amount you need to use, it's cheaper than all the other stuff that I have used in the past. Works in your gray tank as well, and if you know anything about gray tanks they can stink as bad or even more than black tanks. So, do yourself a favor and try this product. I'm glad I did and you will be glad that you did too.

BigJerm via Cincinnati, OH February 22, 2017

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“Just what the potty needed!”

As we know, we all "gotta go" sometime. Never was able to find the perfect product to clean out the loo in my boat.
The search is over. Pleasant scented, does the job. Now hat winter approaches, will have to shelve this product with all the other marine stuff. But spring will be here soon. When the crocus come, the boat goes out. And, this fishing season will be so much more pleasant due to this cleaner.

Bernie via Southold, NY November 24, 2015

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Eliminator without the Smell

Nice product and it's much like most, spray on, let soak and blotch up. I found that Drainbo had no odor to speak of like most that cover the odor with a fragrance. I trie it on two spots, one was fresh and the other some weeks old and both cleaned up very well lifting the discoloration. They list a few ways to use the Drainbo, from direct spraying to using 2 oz/gal in your carpet cleaner. I like the fact that the cleaner continues to eliminate odor well after your done wiping up the stain with its active enzymes.
I have the fall home carpet cleaning coming up and I plan to pretreat the traffic areas and spots with Drainbo and well as mixing it in.

Retired297 via South Hill, WA November 12, 2015

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Best natural product ever

Finally unclogged a bathroom sink. Tried a number of solutions but it would clog up over and over. I used this product and let it sit overnight. Drain is clear and hasn't clogged up in over a month. I put a small amount in once a week and the results are amazing.

Mary E via December 15, 2016

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Excellent – must for all septic owners

When I purchased my house years ago, all I knew about septic tank was, that it should be pumped out every 2-3 years. Little by little I have learned how my septic system works that just pumping the tank is not enough and that my septic system is actually my private miniature sewage treatment plant requiring specific maintenance:
Proper system functioning relays on presence of natural bacteria which by eating the raw sewage converts this into liquid. Due to use of everyday cleaners and other common household chemicals and also grease from kitchen population of bacteria in septic system is decreasing, and remaining bacteria cannot digest and degrade in full all raw sewage coming into tank and all system becomes troubled. Repairs are costly. Just for getting the crusted grease from the tank I have paid big dollars extra. My septic system once a year backed up and the tank needed to be pumped every year. I realized I have to do something.
First I started adding some other grand pockets of bacteria into my tank every month. The situation has incredibly improved. No more back ups, my tank is pumped every two years now. Then I switched to this bacteria product. This product works the best. For ongoing best performance treatment should be repeated every three months comparing to my previous bacteria pockets which had to be applied every month. This product is so powerful, that it's capable to fully restore already troubled system, which is - WOW! Application is easy, just shake it well, pour all liquid from container into the toilet and flush and bacteria starts almost instantly working. This product is safe for use with all pipes and fittings and because cleaning agents are natural (see pic 4), it's environmentally safe. The cost is very appealing: what I used to pay every month for treatment, I am paying now for three months.
Certified by the Natural Products Association. Not harmful to people, pets or plants or environment.

MeCzech via Yorktown, NY January 18, 2016

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It really works

I have bought many, many products over the years that claimed to eliminate stains. Some worked better than others, but none ever really got rid of pet urine completely except bleach or peroxide which can't be used on carpets without risking ruining the rug. This product is the exception to that rule. I first tried it in my bathroom where my dog's accidents had caused a permanent odor from seepage under the cabinet. After spraying this in and around the cabinet, I left it for a while. When I later wiped it up, I realized that the odor was completely gone. I came back later to check it again and not only was the faint urine odor gone, there was a pleasant odor left behind. I then tried this on a carpet stain in another room with the same success. While it may be pricey, this product is worth every penny.

jbb9 via Louisville, KY November 13, 2015

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So impressed

I am SO impressed with your product! I had a backed up shower drain which was miserable. I (embarrassingly) tried Draino first, and it did nothing! I used Drainbo, and immediately the shower improved, but the drain was still slow. However, every time I use the shower it drains better than before, after only 1 use of Drainbo! I can’t believe how great it works; I’m posting on facebook to tell all my friends! 🙂 Thank you for providing an environmentally safe product that works great!

Keri June 24, 2016

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Trying it for the first time

We have a house in North Carolina at the beach that has a septic system on the property. I've been using septic tank treatments since we bought the property many years ago and haven't had to have the system pumped. This treatment has all natural microbes that digest the waste in the tank and won't pollute the ground in the drain field. That's very important to us as the kids play in the yard and I don't want the toxic stuff in our tank that some other treatments have.

Pros: Easy to Install, Good Instructions

Brian via Baltimore, MD December 2, 2015

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Simply took away the odor and stain with the quickness

Just as the label states Stain & Odor Eliminator, it really does work. Once I sprayed the stain on the carpet the smell was no longer noticeable. Be sure to shake before use. I can not make out the smell of the Drainbo spray smell. It didn't bother me nor has a pleasant smell. I'm surprised that this product work really well and I would recommend to any pet owners with carpet as well. Be sure to follow the directions on how to apply the spray on stained areas.

EDDIE via East Palo Alto, CA November 27, 2015

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Clears clogs

Clears clogs
I have used multiple eco friendly products for my drain. This has been the most effective so far. I do need to use it once a month on my sink. Regular purchase for me.

Laura Tull via Los Angeles, CA April 14, 2017

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Such a Draining product

Why is it, when you are busy with other tasks, a drain seems to clog up the works? I'm here to tell you, this product,with do the job quickly and easily, so you can get on with tasks that need a quick drain, however it is very fast working product, that won't have you feeling drained, especially your wallet. There are easy to follow instructions, results are quick and easy......

Shortgort via Trumansburg, NY November 24, 2015

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This stuff works but it is not a quick fix. You have to give it time to work. I apply it at night before going to bed and in the morning another treatment before going out for the day. I do this once a month to keep the pipes clear. It works fine for me and have seen an increase in flow threw the pipes. This is not like liquid drain unstoppers, this is for cleaning years of build up in the pipes and for this it works.

mcknzy via Hoquiam, WA November 6, 2015

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Really Does Work!

This drain cleaner / treatment product really does work! I was a little skeptical at first, especially since it doesn't use any harsh products, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results. My master bathroom sink was starting to drain rather slowly so I decided to give this product a try. I followed the directions made sure to use only moderately warm water with it. Rather than waiting over night, I tried out the sink a few hours later and was shocked at how quickly the water was able to drain out! I highly recommend this product, especially if someone doesn't want to use harsh chemicals on their pipes. This product contains microbes that basically eat and digest away all the gunk that is slowing down/ clogging up your pipes, so be sure to NOT use hot water!!! Only warm water to activate the bacteria and get them going. For best results, be sure do it at night so the product has time to work over night till too will be pleasantly surprised!

MedSchoolDIY via Greenville, South Carolina November 18, 2015

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Great Results

The readings that came in from July last year (prior to Drainbo) are as follows:
BOD – 16,050 mg/L
SS – 768 mg/L

I just got the readings from last week and they are as follows:
BOD – 2,226 mg/L
SS – 348 mg/L
pH- 6.61
Clearly the Drainbo has made a huge difference in our effluent!
These are GREAT results and this makes you a rock star in my book. Thanks for coming through for us and taking this problem off of my plate.

Ben September 11, 2016

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It works great for me

I think some folks here may just be impatient....when I use with warm water and let sit overnight, it does a great job on my sinks and bath.

Arlingtonian Amzonian via December 13, 2013

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Excellent non-toxic cleaner

Bathtub took 2 hrs to drain, caused most likely by trapped hair. I dragged out what I could reach with needle nose pliers, then with that flexible plastic strip with hooks. But most of the clog was too far down to snag. Nothing I tried worked - neither a plunger or baking soda and vinegar or compressed air, and I would have had to dissemble the drain to get a snake down it. It worked like a charm and cleared the clog in less than half an hour. This is an excellent product and did not damage the pipes or the bathtub. Try it before calling a plumber.

Hootbro via Bear, DE November 16, 2015

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Good product. Helped eliminate septic odor.

Good product. Helped eliminate septic odor.

Mahdi via March 28, 2017

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Thanks for introducing us to the Drainbo® System. We had frequent sewage back-ups at the airport. Grease from the restaurants in our terminals was clogging sewer lines and needed to be flushed every three months. Since installing the Drainbo® System, we no longer have a problem. That stuff really works! I highly recommend it to anyone having a problem with grease build-up in their waste lines.

Robert Maneggio Oakland, CA February 1, 2014

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It goes down the drain..

This product didn't have any chemical smell and had a bit of a fragrance to it, all natural, that's good. I poured down sink that always gives me problems thinking it can't hurt. Poured out with no splash back, color was a creamy clear white that was thicker than water. I rinsed out jug well and recycled the container. All went good with this and I am not expecting anything different with the drain I dumped into because the piping was run wrong with very little pitch. I am hoping that it was not money down the drain, fairly priced. 5 STARS

Pros: Easy to Install, Good Instructions, biodegradation in it's best form

PHnoD via Gates, NY December 7, 2015

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Worked well

I only used this once last year but I was happy with the performance. This worked to keep the system odor free for the weekend I used it and the clean up and emptying of the system was more pleasant. I do not know for sure that longer term use will be as pleasant, but based on the performance for the one weekend I can state with a lot of confidence that it will work great. I am getting another bottle for this season. Be sure to shake it well before each use.

mbinny via Levittown, NY May 4, 2016

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“Had me at natural!”

"Had me at natural!"

I was using a major brand drain cleaner with less than stellar results. I stumbled upon this brand and saw that it was a decent price for a natural alternative - so I thought, "why not!" IT WAS AWESOME! Cleared up my drains, smelled nice, AND it's non-toxic!

Sam via October 13, 2015

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All Natural Drain Cleaner

All natural with no harsh chemicals. All natural microbes digest buildup in drains. No more clogs. Single bottle contains 8 treatments. Just pour it in drain, allow to work over night or mix with warm water and allow to stand for fifteen minutes. Use in shower drains to hearing down soap scum and body oils. Recommend using every thirty to sixty days

Debbie2002 via Indianapolis, IN November 10, 2015

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Great for any sewage situation.

I wasn't sure if I had a septic or sewage system on a new home. This product was one of the few I could find that helped my situation.

diy4every1 August 24, 2014

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Works well, does not smell like perfume

This product works well, the nice part is it does not smell like a perfume making the RV smell like a portable toilet at the fair. This product has been in my holding tanks just sitting there for about a month now. To see how this work I pulled one of the stoppers out of the drain that was pretty nasty. After 2 days there are signs of the residual nasty stuff being eaten away.

MrZ2 via Boca Raton, FL December 3, 2015

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My furniture thanks you

As my dog reaches his 15th birthday, he, er, creates some stains and odors. I have tried many products to reduce Rocky's impact on my furniture, with little success.
My stain and stink eliminator search is over. Excellent product, across the board. It is so good, in fact, that I am recommending it to all my pet-owning friends. With no reservations, this is the BEST!

Bernie via Southold, NY November 24, 2015

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If you follow the simple directions this product seems to work well with none of the harmful chemicals of most commercial products. We've had some problems with our drains but not since we started using this product on a monthly basis. Quite pleased.

David Casserly via February 12, 2011

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Makes removing stains and odor simple!

I have tried a variety of stain and odor remover over the years. We have had numerous pets and have had to clean the carpets and walls from mishaps with our pets. Drainbo is easy to apply and, following the instructions, safe on the surfaces we have applied it to. On deep pet urine stains I have found it necessary to apply a second application to get the stain and smell out. Feces cleanup is much simpler and Drainbo does an excellent job of restoring carpet to its original color and has no lingering smell like some other cleaners I have used. Over all it works great.

fillmore44 via Dundee, OR June 30, 2016

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Great for Multiple Uses

I used Drainbo stain and odor eliminator for a different purpose. Even though Drainbo is packaged as stain and odor eliminator that removes new and set-in pet stains & odor it also states it is effective on bedding, clothing and more and can be used in extraction machines. I used to wash a bed pad that is used by an aging parent, I washed it as usual a second time but this time there were no masked odors after using the Drainbo. The pad was completely clean. We will be using this from now on to ensure cleanliness.

Wilson via Taylos, SC November 11, 2015

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Nice product

This size container will get you through most of the summer with an rv, if you don't clean the tank out every time. You get 3-4 uses. Seems to work well, has a pleasant smell. The best part is that they don't do animal testing and it is made of natural products. It makes me feel better to use things like this. Drainbo is the way to go! Will be purchasing more of their products.

navycamarogirl via Brockport, NY January 7, 2016

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whole-heartedly recommend

We were having problems in our store, due to the Rotisserie program we have at numerous locations in the Bay Area and Central Valley. We were experiencing a lot of grease trap and drain line problems as a result of all the chicken we cook. Drain lines were backing up and overflowing. Once we began using the biological drain treatment (Drainbo® Natural Drain Cleaner) we have dramatically reduced our problems and our need for drain cleaning. I whole-heartedly recommend using the product to anyone experiencing similar problems

Rick White Bay Area, CA September 11, 2013

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A natural stain remover

What I like about this Drainbo stain cleaner is that is uses enzymes instead of detergents to eliminate carpet stains. You spray it on the stained area and it does all of the work. There is no scrubbing needed.

It is a mixture of enzymes that actually eat the waste just like in septic tanks. I have an older cat that has accidents as well as coughing up hairballs. This product does a great job of eliminating the waste material from your carpet and would highly recommend it.

Oceanside via Oceanside, CA November 9, 2015

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Swish, clean drains

I used the 32 oz. Drain Treatment and Cleaner in my bathroom sink and tub, these are by far the worst drains in my house. I followed the direction, shook the bottle, mixed the appropriate amount with water, let sit 15 minutes, then poured down the drains. I let it sit overnight. When I flushed it in the morning, it was Swish, clean drains, very impressed, and all with no harsh chemicals.

Dale via BF PA November 23, 2015

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Effective and environmentally friendly!

There were a few things I really liked about using this product. First, it is very easy to use. You simply pour it into a drain or toilet and flush water through. Voila! Done. Next, I like how it works on the concept of biology, only using beneficial bacterias to help maintain your septic system. Being that the septic can easily affect the surrounding area it makes me feel comfortable that I'm not pouring something in that is harmful to the health of our animals or wildlife. And finally, speaking of animals, I was pleased to read that this was not tested on animals! That we have so much technology these days it just seems unnecessary to test products on animals, as well as it being cruel. SO, THANK YOU to this company for making a great product and also being conscious of morals!

Katie1313 via Elma, WA November 24, 2015

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Works well and all natural

My 15 year old dog rarely has 'accidents' inside, but this week she developed diarrhea. For the past two days, she's defecated on a couple of room rugs. The Drainbo Stain and Odor Eliminator worked very well in removing the stains and was very effective in eliminating the strong odor with a pleasant clean smell. I'm pleased with its performance and combine that with the all natural ingredients for a buy recommendation from me.

reb177 via Southcentral, PA January 19, 2016

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pleasant surprise

We were not sure what to expect, since the product is so well priced. However it seems to work quite well. For instance, our pipes (according to the plumber ) seem to narrow from the cellar to the ascending floors (3/4 to 1/2). The old copper pipes and system don't have a lot of wiggle room, so to speak. I'm guessing that's why we've had a few clogging issues. Anyway, this seems to address the issues pretty effectively.

RWH via Virginia November 20, 2015

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I really like this drain cleaner for many obvious reasons. It does everything the bottle says it will and I am extremely happy that it is not toxic. You can use it on a slow drain or for regular monthly maintenance to get rid of scum and buildup etc.
Just follow the very simple directions.
It has a really nice smell ~ which is an added surprise! Very reasonably priced and safe for your home and family.

Kiki via NC November 14, 2015

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Works for us

The folks at the hardware store don't think these products work, but they have helped us. We have an older septic system in the country which occasionally has standing water over the drain field. Obviously, that means it isn't working. We feel that dumping septic treatment in the toilet every few months has helped the standing water, and we've never had to dig it all up for repair. Although I'm sure we will have repairs at some time in the future, we'll continue to use this stuff to postpone the inevitable as long as possible.

horsin via Idaho January 5, 2016

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Appears to do the trick

This is a once a month use product that not only keeps your septic tank treated with helpful bacteria, it also helps keep the main lines clear of grease and organic blockages. The product also states that it can be used to treat sluggish or clogged systems by using as a once a day treatment for 8 days. This will hyper load the system with bacteria and allow them to quickly digest the organic matter blocking or slowing the system. I have treated my system with this product and have had no problems so far.

Dave via Okeechobee August 23, 2016

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A safe and effective drain treatment – and made in USA!

This drain treatment is easy to use and helps to keep the drains clean with safe microbes that digest build up from grease, soap, oil, fats, and other proteins.

I had a slow drain in my shower, and this treatment worked very well overnight. It was quick and easy - I put 4 oz. of Drainbo in 4 cups of water, then waited 15 minutes before pouring it down the drain. The water now goes down the drain much quicker. I also treated all other drains as a preventative measure.

I like the idea of a safe drain cleaner for my septic system and it does not have a harsh odor. It smells clean like soap. I love using products made in the USA and am happy that it works so well without toxic chemicals.

MarilynB via Pennsylvania November 14, 2015

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Works Great

First I want to say that I like this product because it has no harmful chemicals in it. Because of that I feel better putting it down my drain. Second, always having problems with our drains I wanted a product that would take care of my problem before it even starts. Lastly, it works great. I prepared the solution as stated on the bottle. I then poured it down the drain, let it sit overnight then used warm water to see if the drain is clean and it was. I am a very happy person now. I am going to use this once a month to make sure my drain is always kept clean and odor free.

BunnyLover via Pa November 16, 2015

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Natural and environmentally friendly product

Owning a private septic system, I try to do my best to maintain it's good operation. I have previously used other brands of septic tank treatments, but was curious how this brand would perform. I like that it is packaged in an easy to use and store plastic container. Application was simple - pour in drain or toilet and flush with water. I noticed that the product was subject to splashing as I poured it into my toilet bowl so careful attention is advised while pouring.

I was very impressed that the active ingredients are naturally grown bacillus and derivatives from various fruits and vegetable based cleaning agents - all natural microbes and no GMOs. This is truly a biological product that is environment friendly. You do however, as with most treatments and cleaners, need to keep this product out of the reach of children.

Normal use requires adding one container every three months. More frequent if cooking greases are poured down your drain. If you are having septic difficulties, one container per week for 8 weeks is advised, followed by monthly treatments. This product can be used year round in all climates for septic system preventive maintenance and clog-free drains.

This is a very economical product for maintaining good septic system performance. I have already purchased an additional bottle and marked my calendar so I will be on schedule for the next application.

Tanner08 via Westminster, MD November 24, 2015

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Great 2-in-1 product for stains and smells

We regularly get pet stains on our carpet, so I tried using the Drainbo on them. I'm typically skeptical about "natural" cleaning products because I feel like you need the chemicals to actually get clean, but this one was very effective and it's safe for pets. What I really like about the Drainbo spray is that it doesn't just mask odors with a heavy scent, it actually eliminates them. They use some type of natural enzyme formula that breaks down the odors, and in about 10 minutes, the smell is gone. This spray got out most of the carpet stains effectively, except for a few heavy ones that we'll have to power wash. Another bonus is that you don't have to scrub heavily like with Resolve spray or similar carpet cleaner formulas. Overall, Drainbo's stain remover/odor eliminator is a great 2-in-1 product for pet owners.

jakeparley via Southern Orgeon April 30, 2017

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Septic Treatment and Cleaner

All natural microbes to digest buildup to maintain drainage. No harsh chemicals. One treatment per bottle. Pour contents of bottle and flush. Natural bacillus digest grease, soap scum, oils, and proteins. Safe for all septic systems and help to maintain and open sludge filled leach lines. Drainbo is made with natural products from coconuts, lemons, and vegetable based cleaning agents.

Pros: Good Instructions, all natural biological materials

Debbie2002 via November 10, 2015

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This really works!

I was a little hesitant in ordering this drain treatment and cleaner. I have tried non-toxic and environmentally safe products in the past and was disappointed with the results. This one really works as described. I have vowed to use a little in my kitchen and bathtub drains every 3 months just as a precautionary method. I had a stubborn slow drain clog in the bathtub and used this treatment with amazing results. Follow the directions as far as mixing the product with a measured amount of water and letting it sit for 10- 15 minutes prior to pouring down the drain that is slow to drain. Works great! Very pleased. Finally a product that is environmentally safe to use and works!

Kitkat via Miramar, FL November 15, 2015

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Good for RV’s

Good for RV's
I have been using this for our RV septic and it seems to be doing the job of getting rid of odors and keeping things flowing. I like that it is a natural alternative to the chemical laden types and less expensive too!

Rebecca via Gardendale, TX July 2, 2015

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It really works

If you have pet stains, don't bother with anything else. Every traditional carpet cleaning solution I use appears to work well until the carpet dries. Then the stain comes back. I have heard of enzyme treatments before but never gave them a shot. I'm really glad I did. This actually worked. The stain was removed and did not reappear. This can also be used in a carpet cleaner if you have a large area to clean up.

If you have pets, you should have some of this on hand. I wish I got it many years ago

joelav22 via Agawam, MA November 24, 2015

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Natural Drain Liquid Product

I have tried this product for the first time. I like the idea of it being made from all natural ingredients and no toxic chemicals included in its content. Having less than a month's experience, time will tell if it performs as well as other chemical drain cleaners. So far, so good. With the high cost of obtaining professional drain cleaning services it is definitely worth a try.

FLAPJS via Cooper City, FL November 14, 2015

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I've tried other natural drain cleaners and nothing had worked until I found Drainbo. Since I started using, I no longer have a slow shower drain... no more puddles YAY!!! This product does what it says and keeps drains clog free. When I do notice that drain starts slowing down, I just treat it before I go to bed and like magic the drain is running smoothly in the morning. I highly recommend.

ShoeLover via Los Angeles, CA August 25, 2014

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Nice product

I typically purchase the powder septic treatment and the liquid is so much easier to flush. One flush gets everything down. At first I was a little skeptical because it is alot more product than I typically use, but according to the directions it is a 3 month treatment which is nice. I was treating every month prior to this product. I like that this product is not tested on animals and has a pleasant smell.

Pros: Easy to Install, Good Instructions

navycamarogirl via Brockport, NY December 9, 2015

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This can be used to treat and maintain your septic system. It can be poured down the drain or toilet. One bottle is one treatment. It is easy to use since it is a liquid. It is safe for the environment and will penetrate grease, soap and other blockages you may have. We have had no trouble with out septic tank since we started using this treatment.

redwitch23 via Jackson, NJ May 4, 2016

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drain treatment

This was great to use and the smell did not bother me like some other products. The drains that I used this on are in a multi story condo building and have lots of bends and stuff to clog up the lines and usually they clog up again quickly. By treating them with this product it seems that they are not backing up as frequently. It also seems to be treating a good distance into the plumbing system before diluting.

KLpurchasingmanager via San Diego, CA November 19, 2015

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Excellent product

I use Drainbo at the beginning of every month and I have had no problems since I started using it on a regular basis.

EYB via January 13, 2015

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Super Easy To Use

This is a very easy cleaner to add to your disposal/waste/tank system. I like it because it comes in liquid form and you don't have to deal with any of the dissoluble packets. You just follow the treatment directions and drop into your waste/tank areas. It is a half gallon in size, so you will get more than a few uses out of it. It says you get ten treatments, but I have only used it once. I also like that it is "natural" in nature. That can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but I like it because I feel safe with it if it ever touches my hands....just wash them thoroughly. I am looking forward to using it again in the spring when travel season starts up again.

tvs75 via Costa Mesa, CA December 1, 2015

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USA Made Sweet Smelling Product thats “All-Natural” too

Yay, A good natural, made in the USA plumbing product to cleanses my drain pipes. My 1959 Block Home in Northern Florida has old plumbing pipes. Especially in my master shower stall. Before I used Drainbo there was an awful smell emitting from the drain. Not any more. This is the Natural Solution to clog free and nice smelling drainage. Not tested on Animals and No GMOs, I had to look that up. (So, "GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms,” are plants or animals created through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology (also called genetic engineering}" (by Green America)
Do remember to shake well!

paulawill2 via USA November 20, 2015

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septic treatment

I am not sure how this product is working since I only applied it a little over a week ago but so far so good. It was easy to do the the directions to make sure you are treating properly. Overall it was easy and clean and did not have any negative issues. I cannot see or tell how well it is working on the septic basin for obvious reasons but it seems like a good thing to do to ensure the performance.

Pros: Easy to Install, Good Instructions

KLpurchasingmanager via San Diego, CA December 8, 2015

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Drain I does it all!

Drainbo offers so much in one bottle at one great price.
This product unclogs those nasty drains, treats your septic system and cleans the leach lines of the grease and soaps that are harmful.
Once upon a time I used one product to unclog my bathroom drain and another product I would pour into the system to clean out the leach lines and monthly I would use another product to clean the septic tank, I was spending a small fortune trying to prevent more damage that would amount to a very expensive repair. Not anymore, I will use only one product and that product is Drainbo for all of my septic plumbing needs. It seems to be the Smart Choice!

Pros: Reliable, Easy to Install, Good Instructions, smart choice, does it all

Unique07 via The SunshineState November 12, 2015

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Five Stars

It's so great to be able to keep drains clear without toxins!

Ava Torre-Bueno via March 13, 2015

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This product says it is for year around septic system preventive maintenance and clog free drains. The active ingredients include naturally specifically grown bacillus for digestion of household waste. It also has derivatives of coconuts, lemons and vegetable based cleaning agents. I poured it down my kitchen sink because of the grease and stuff that comes from cooking and can leave sludge on the pipes. It has no odor. We were not having a problem with our septic system so I hope monthly treatments with Drainbo Septic System Treatment and Cleaner will keep it that way. Septic problems are no fun.

EdieB via Caliente, NV November 22, 2015

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Environmentally Safe

Very natural non-toxic formula with no harsh chemicals to harm the environment or pipes. Keeps septic system balanced digesting waste and removal of sludge deposits in leach lines and field. One treatment lasts 3 months -- just simply flush down the toilet. This is the second home where I have a septic system and have learned the hard way not to let grease down your kitchen drain. Also coffee grounds and feminine products are a no-no. In combination with this care, this product is a good preventative.

LCpalmbay via Palm Bay, FL November 13, 2015

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Great Product

Wow what a great product this is. It is so easy to use. You just spray it on where ever you need to get rid of stains and/or odors. After I sprayed the Drainbo on the areas that I needed to be cleaned and also get rid of the smell, I let it sit for awhile. I then sopped it up and it not only cleaned the stains but the odors too. I really think this product is worth it.

BunnyLover via Pa November 16, 2015

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Looks like it’s working

There was a small stain on the carpet. Not exactly sure what it was but it was a small yellow and orange stain. Sprayed the stain and used a small sponge to wipe it up. It worked, the stain is gone. I tried sniffing it and there was no odor so the odor is gone also. It's a good product but it smells strong. I would recommend this for anyone with pets.

allthingsvu via 4 November 25, 2015

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Good RV treatment

This 1/2 gallon of Marine and RV Treatment ant Cleaner by Drainbo seems to be a excellent product. I have used other RV treatment and cleaners in my 5th wheel RV but this is by far the best of them. After using other brands of treatment the meter would say the black water tank was still 2/3 full after it was emptied.. With Drainbo I did not have that problem. I will continue to use this product.

Jayhawk714 via Featherville, ID November 22, 2015

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This product has saved me $10K!

I live on a property with high water table and insufficient field lines. With 3 kids we have water running all the time. We developed a wet spot in the yard. 2 different companies came out and assessed that we needed a new leach field. Unfortunately, our property is heavily wooded and running downhill to multiple streams. The only solution was a new lift station to pump material up a hill in the woods so it could drain back down. This was a huge expense.

On a whim I got a case (3 bottles) of the Drainbo Septic Treatment. After the first treatment I did not notice much change. But the instructions said, in my case, to use the product for once a week for 8 weeks. After the second treatment the results were amazing. For the first time in 2 years I walked on this spot in the yard. I mowed without sinking into the stinky mud. There was no stinky mud. There was no messy black mat. After the 3rd treatment the grass has filled in. This spot was about the size of a full size car. It is now invisible. I am amazed! 5 more treatments to go, then on to monthly treatments.

Is this permanent? I don't know, but at worst I have delayed a huge expense with a $100 investment. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. If you are having a septic nightmare, give Drainbo a try first.

DallasGrass via August 14, 2014

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Works very well

We are pet lovers and have rescued several cats that my wife adores. That being said, there is always a need for a little clean up in aisle 6 so to speak when one of the cats has an accident and hair balls on the carpet. We have found that this works as well as several specialized pet products when we have used on the carpets. Removes spots and stains very well and we cannot detect any trace of any odors after using the Drainbo. We are well satisfied.

DonL via St. Cloud Florida November 14, 2015

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Great product

Great product. Reassuring that residual poo& stink isn't building up all over the garden. Dog stays away from it until the odor is faded which is reassuring. Our dog can smell it, but we cant.

California via September 1, 2014