Drain I does it all!

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Drainbo offers so much in one bottle at one great price.
This product unclogs those nasty drains, treats your septic system and cleans the leach lines of the grease and soaps that are harmful.
Once upon a time I used one product to unclog my bathroom drain and another product I would pour into the system to clean out the leach lines and monthly I would use another product to clean the septic tank, I was spending a small fortune trying to prevent more damage that would amount to a very expensive repair. Not anymore, I will use only one product and that product is Drainbo for all of my septic plumbing needs. It seems to be the Smart Choice!

Pros: Reliable, Easy to Install, Good Instructions, smart choice, does it all

Unique07 via Homedepot.com The SunshineState November 12, 2015