Easy to use

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Came in an easy open bottle. You just mix 4 ounces with 4 cups of water, let it sit for 5 minutes so the natural microbes are activated and then just dump it down the drain and it naturally digests the blockage. There was no smell and I like the fact that it’s a natural product, no harsh chemicals to burn your skin or damage the finish on the sink or the drain. On the directions it said if ingested, rinse your mouth with water, so it’s got to be mild. I just dumped it down the drain before bed and in the morning I could use the sink. Previous to use, the sink drained slow and there was a gurgling sound when the water went down. I turned on the tap in the morning and the water went right down, no gurgling sound so it must have cleaned out the drain. There’s enough for eight treatments so once a month you can mix some more to keep the drain flowing freely.

Nick via Homedepot.com Attleboro, MA November 17, 2015