Effective and environmentally friendly!

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There were a few things I really liked about using this product. First, it is very easy to use. You simply pour it into a drain or toilet and flush water through. Voila! Done. Next, I like how it works on the concept of biology, only using beneficial bacterias to help maintain your septic system. Being that the septic can easily affect the surrounding area it makes me feel comfortable that I’m not pouring something in that is harmful to the health of our animals or wildlife. And finally, speaking of animals, I was pleased to read that this was not tested on animals! That we have so much technology these days it just seems unnecessary to test products on animals, as well as it being cruel. SO, THANK YOU to this company for making a great product and also being conscious of morals!

Katie1313 via Homedepot.com Elma, WA November 24, 2015