Excellent – must for all septic owners

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When I purchased my house years ago, all I knew about septic tank was, that it should be pumped out every 2-3 years. Little by little I have learned how my septic system works that just pumping the tank is not enough and that my septic system is actually my private miniature sewage treatment plant requiring specific maintenance:
Proper system functioning relays on presence of natural bacteria which by eating the raw sewage converts this into liquid. Due to use of everyday cleaners and other common household chemicals and also grease from kitchen population of bacteria in septic system is decreasing, and remaining bacteria cannot digest and degrade in full all raw sewage coming into tank and all system becomes troubled. Repairs are costly. Just for getting the crusted grease from the tank I have paid big dollars extra. My septic system once a year backed up and the tank needed to be pumped every year. I realized I have to do something.
First I started adding some other grand pockets of bacteria into my tank every month. The situation has incredibly improved. No more back ups, my tank is pumped every two years now. Then I switched to this bacteria product. This product works the best. For ongoing best performance treatment should be repeated every three months comparing to my previous bacteria pockets which had to be applied every month. This product is so powerful, that it’s capable to fully restore already troubled system, which is – WOW! Application is easy, just shake it well, pour all liquid from container into the toilet and flush and bacteria starts almost instantly working. This product is safe for use with all pipes and fittings and because cleaning agents are natural (see pic 4), it’s environmentally safe. The cost is very appealing: what I used to pay every month for treatment, I am paying now for three months.
Certified by the Natural Products Association. Not harmful to people, pets or plants or environment.

MeCzech via Homedepot.com Yorktown, NY January 18, 2016