It really works

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I have bought many, many products over the years that claimed to eliminate stains. Some worked better than others, but none ever really got rid of pet urine completely except bleach or peroxide which can’t be used on carpets without risking ruining the rug. This product is the exception to that rule. I first tried it in my bathroom where my dog’s accidents had caused a permanent odor from seepage under the cabinet. After spraying this in and around the cabinet, I left it for a while. When I later wiped it up, I realized that the odor was completely gone. I came back later to check it again and not only was the faint urine odor gone, there was a pleasant odor left behind. I then tried this on a carpet stain in another room with the same success. While it may be pricey, this product is worth every penny.

jbb9 via Louisville, KY November 13, 2015