A safe and effective drain treatment – and made in USA!

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This drain treatment is easy to use and helps to keep the drains clean with safe microbes that digest build up from grease, soap, oil, fats, and other proteins.

I had a slow drain in my shower, and this treatment worked very well overnight. It was quick and easy – I put 4 oz. of Drainbo in 4 cups of water, then waited 15 minutes before pouring it down the drain. The water now goes down the drain much quicker. I also treated all other drains as a preventative measure.

I like the idea of a safe drain cleaner for my septic system and it does not have a harsh odor. It smells clean like soap. I love using products made in the USA and am happy that it works so well without toxic chemicals.

MarilynB via Homedepot.com Pennsylvania November 14, 2015