Works Great!

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Drainbo stain & odor eliminator is a natural alternative to the chemical- based products offered by other manufacturers. Good start.

We had a 1-day old dog urine stain on a carpet. We already tried to clean the stain with water & soap, and sprayed it with the fabric odor thing that is supposed to eliminate odors. The next day you could still smell it when you stick your nose close enough. We used two sprays of Drainbo and an hour later we can smell nothing. I agree that it eliminates odors and not just masks them. It does have a slight odor after you spray, but it smells like something fresh & natural. The product’s odor goes away after 5-10 minutes.
I usually give “4 stars” to products that work well, and “5 stars” to exceptional products. This is closer to exceptional so I’ll give it 5.
It does work, give it a try.

thebighash via GA November 15, 2015