“Had me at natural!”

I was using a major brand drain cleaner with less than stellar results. I stumbled upon this brand and saw that it was a decent price for a natural alternative – so I thought, “why not!” IT WAS AWESOME! Cleared up my drains, smelled nice, AND it’s non-toxic!


5-Star Review Fresh scent for pet cleanup I got this to spray my daughter’s patio area. She has three dogs and her small fenced patio is covered with artificial turf. Her dogs use the turf as their restroom area and sometimes it can begin to smell (especially when it’s hot and there is no rain).Continue Reading


5-Star Review Not in to all natural, but this works great. Best I have tried. I tried the spray with the best reviews I could find and tried on my old carpet stain (dog urine). It works, but the stain keeps coming back. It will be clean beige for a day or so but thenContinue Reading


This product has saved me $10K! I live on a property with high water table and insufficient field lines. With 3 kids we have water running all the time. We developed a wet spot in the yard. 2 different companies came out and assessed that we needed a new leach field. Unfortunately, our property isContinue Reading


I’ve tried other natural drain cleaners and nothing had worked until I found Drainbo. Since I started using, I no longer have a slow shower drain… no more puddles YAY!!! This product does what it says and keeps drains clog free. When I do notice that drain starts slowing down, I just treat it beforeContinue Reading


5-Star Rating Finally found a product that doesn’t harm the environment and REALLY WORKS! When using be sure to use warm water NOT HOT WATER.

David C.

If you follow the simple directions this product seems to work well with none of the harmful chemicals of most commercial products. We’ve had some problems with our drains but not since we started using this product on a monthly basis. Quite pleased.

Ava Torre-Bueno

5-Star Rating It’s so great to be able to keep drains clear without toxins!


5-Star Rating Excellent product, I use Drainbo at the beginning of every month and I have had no problems since I started using it on a regular basis.


The readings that came in from July last year (prior to Drainbo) are as follows: BOD – 16,050 mg/L SS – 768 mg/L I just got the readings from last week and they are as follows: BOD – 2,226 mg/L SS – 348 mg/L pH- 6.61 Clearly the Drainbo has made a huge difference in our effluent!Continue Reading