Why all natural and environmentally safe drain cleaners should matter to you

With over 50 years of commercial drain, plumbing, and waste handling experience, the Drainbo® team of experts has continued to offer an unsurpassed level of quality service and know-how that has made us stand out in the industry.

In response to our concerns for the environment and the desire to make your home and work facility healthier and safer, we developed Drainbo® products. Most homeowners and business owners are unaware of the caustics and toxins associated with drain cleaners. Our Drainbo® Natural Drain Cleaner and our brand new floor cleaner are all natural, environmentally safe, non-toxic products that work as effectively as chemical cleaners without the hazards to the environment associated with those “conventional” cleaning products.

It is our belief that we are all responsible for our planet. What we each do to help maintain the purity of our water, soil, and air today impacts the world our children inherit tomorrow. Household cleaning products are often some of the most toxic products we use and most damaging to the Earth.

Drainbo® Natural Drain Cleaner has a seven strain bacteria formula that uses the natural process of biological decomposition that has kept our environment in perfect equilibrium since the beginning of time. It’s nature’s way of recycling and renewing through a steady decomposition of organic waste matter and its conversion to simple, essential substances. This ongoing process is the work of trillions of tiny, naturally occurring, living microorganisms that use organic waste as their food and energy source.

Drainbo® Natural Drain Cleaner harnesses this natural process to meet today’s need for cleaning drains, without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Benefiting and protecting the environment is what Drainbo® is all about.

We are proud of our products not only because they are high quality products that work – but because they are safe, all natural products and kind to our planet.

We would love to hear from you. Your suggestions and input are very important to us. Please send us a note! We will be sure to respond.

Our History

DRAINBO was founded in 1998 through the innovation of Rodney Wray, a third generation plumber. Rodney had seen first hand the dangers and damage caused to people, plumbing and the environment by use of caustic drain products. He wanted to be able to offer a safe, all-natural, and non-toxic drain and grease trap treatment to his customers, at which time DRAINBO was introduced.

Our Mission

To produce, provide, and educate the consumers on a safe, all natural alternative to everyday toxic cleaning products, and respecting nature’s environment by producing all natural cleaners and packaging with recycled or recyclable materials.

Water Saving Car Wash
Residential Drain Cleaner
Restaurant Drain Cleaner
Commercial Cleaner
Multi-surface Cleaner
Stain & Odor Eliminator
Pet-Residue Cleanup
Septic Drain Treatment
Wetsuit & Neoprene

Great 2-in-1 product for stains and smells

"We regularly get pet stains on our carpet

so I tried using the Drainbo on them. I'm typically skeptical about ""natural"" cleaning products because I feel like you need the chemicals to actually get clean it actually eliminates them. They use some type of natural enzyme formula that breaks down the odors and in about 10 minutes

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