3 Reasons To Use An All Natural Drain Cleaner During Quarantine

All Natural Drain Cleaner used with kids in kitchen

In recent months, families across the country have been spending almost all of their time in their homes amidst the COVID-19 crisis. As a result, people are using the plumbing systems in their homes more than usual, which can result in more buildup and potential clogs. When you’re stuck at home, you want to do everything you can to ensure your family’s health and safety, right? That’s why it’s more important than ever to use an all natural drain cleaner in your pipes to unclog your drains, instead of using toxic chemicals that can harm your loved ones. 

In today’s blog, our Drainbo team will provide insight on some of the many benefits that come along with using all natural drain cleaner and safe cleaning products in your home, especially since you are spending more time in your home than usual. To purchase our all natural drain cleaner, head to our online store, or find us in a store near you today!  

1. Safe and Harmless Around Kids and Pets

During this time where everyone is spending more time at home, you have a full house day in and day out. From helping you children stay educated through distant learning to spending more time with your furry companions, it’s important to be aware of the items in your home that they may get a hold of if left unattended. Rather than keeping toxic, potentially fatal chemical cleaners in your home, consider switching to an all natural drain cleaner and safe cleaning products so that if one of your kids or pets does get into the cleaning cabinet, they won’t be put in harm’s way. Drainbo is a blend of safe chemicals and naturally occurring microorganisms that work to break up stubborn clogs and buildup without using toxic chemicals that are commonly found in household cleaners. 

2. More Effective Than Harsh Chemicals

Oftentimes, when people hear all natural drain cleaner or green cleaning products, they assume that they won’t be as effective as cleaning products that have harsh chemicals. However, that isn’t necessarily true. When compared against chemical products, Drainbo’s all natural drain cleaner out-performed the competitor. When you look at the effectiveness of an all natural drain cleaner compared to the harmful drain cleaners typically found in households, it’s a clear choice to go with the safer, harmless product. 

How To Use Drainbo's All Natural Drain Cleaner

3. Keeps Working After Use

Our all natural drain cleaner is made up of a bacillus formulation that is activated with warm water. We recommend using our all natural drain cleaner at night to let the formula work its magic. Do you remember the game PacMan? That’s similar to how Drainbo works. It acts as the little yellow sprite that works its way through the maze, eating away the buildup in the pipe over time. The best part? Even after our all natural drain cleaner frees up the pipe and allows water to flow freely through it again, it keeps working to eliminate all of the buildup on the sides of the pipe, completely cleaning out the clog. With the increased number of hand washes, showers, and loads of laundry you’ve been doing in recent months, our all natural drain cleaner is the perfect addition to your cleaning routine to ensure you don’t have any plumbing issues arise. 

Start Using Our All Natural Drain Cleaner Today! 

We have listed just a few of the many benefits of using an all natural drain cleaner in your home during these uncertain times. To learn more about our safe cleaning products, be sure to visit our website. To purchase all natural cleaners, shop online, or find a store near you today!