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Green cleaning — a safer, more effective approach

But when it comes to green drain cleaning supplies, being “green” may actually be easier than you think, Drainbo® Natural Drain Cleaner is a blend of safe chemicals and naturally occurring microorganisms that create an all natural drain declogger.

Biological cleaning products make up nearly 4% of all chemicals used by janitorial suppliers, and since such products became available late in the last century, the market for them has developed to over $200 million annually at the distributor level, according to the ISSA.

While the numbers clearly demonstrate the business potential these products represent for manufacturers and distributors, their safety and long-lasting cleaning ability have made them equally popular among end-users in the food service, hospitality, and healthcare industries, as well as factories, schools, universities, jails, sporting venues, and other large public facilities.

Drainbo® Natural Drain Cleaner is like scrubbing bubbles
By combining safe chemicals for fast action with microbes for “extended microbial cleaning capabilities,” biological cleaning products not only clean like chemical products but also provide “after-cleaning” effects. Once the worker has finished his job, billions of tiny microbial “workers” begin to eliminate residual organics and continue to work as long as organic soils and moisture remain.

From small organisms come big ideas
The use of microbial technology was pioneered in waste water treatment applications in the 1970s. Because making use of what already exists in nature is the safest, most efficient method of treating industrial and public wastewater problems, scientists began to examine more closely how nature itself breaks down organic waste matter and converts it into the essential chemical elements of carbon dioxide and water. It is through this process that the components of our environment stay in perfect equilibrium.

With the advent of genetic fingerprinting, scientists were able to hone their ability to accurately identify and select microbial strains for specific, desired effects, and then formulate these microbes with cleaning agents to create products that provide the fast-cleaning power of chemistry with the long-lasting effects of enzymes.

This natural approach proved so effective in waste water applications, that soon applications were developed to treat problems upstream, such as drain lines, grease traps, and septic systems. The desirable side effect of odor control then provided the platform for developing applications to treat some of society’s dirtiest problems, such as home and commercial bathrooms, food processing floor areas, loading docks, and trash compactor pads.

Safer and more effective than harsh chemicals
In addition to greater effectiveness compared with chemical products, the use of biological cleaning technologies alleviates the regulatory headaches of dealing with hazardous substances. Although biological cleaners that use naturally occurring microbes are not regulated in the United States, responsible developers of these technologies submit all microbial strains to extensive safety testing before incorporating them into full product formulations. Microbes used in Canada must be included on the Canada Environmental Protection Agency’s domestic substances list.

Now that you understand the benefits of using biological cleaners, how can you find them?
It can often be difficult to be sure the all natural cleaning products you’re using are biologically based. To be sure that your favorite “green” household products are indeed what they say, read the ingredients and learn about products you use. If the products don’t already incorporate active microbial cultures, you may want to try some that do and experience first hand the benefits of natural biological technology to replace chemicals. You’ll find that being “green” is easy with Drainbo products.

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Residential Drain Cleaner
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Stain & Odor Eliminator
Pet-Residue Cleanup
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Great 2-in-1 product for stains and smells

"We regularly get pet stains on our carpet

so I tried using the Drainbo on them. I'm typically skeptical about ""natural"" cleaning products because I feel like you need the chemicals to actually get clean it actually eliminates them. They use some type of natural enzyme formula that breaks down the odors and in about 10 minutes

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