Biological Drain Cleaner

Especially if you’re living with young children, you might have real concerns about the cleaning products you bring into your home. While a clean home is important, keeping your family safe from the harmful and harsh chemicals used by many big name cleaning product manufacturers is even more important. That’s why we produced Drainbo®, a biological drain cleaner that promises to do the job of the strongest chemical based drain cleaners on the market – using a safe, all natural formula.

Developed by a team of plumbing, drain, and waste handling professionals with decades of experience, Drainbo® is the only drain cleaner certified by the Natural Products Association. The secret to our formula is a seven strain bacteria that utilizes the science of natural decomposition to remove clogs. In other words, every bottle of Drainbo® biological drain cleaner contains a living organism that once activated with water and introduced to a clog, actually eats away at the organic matter responsible for causing clogged drains. Of course, you don’t have to wait until a drain is clogged to use Drainbo® biological drain cleaner. In fact, Drainbo® is an excellent tool for preventative maintenance to ensure drains don’t become clogged in the first place. In addition to residential applications, Drainbo® is also highly effective in commercial settings like restaurants and office buildings, as well as recreational settings like boats and RVs. No matter where you have a drain that can become clogged with organic matter, Drainbo® can help.

Clogged drains are something that most people don’t think about – until they’re staring one in the face and beginning to panic. Sinks can become clogged with food, showers can become clogged with hair, and toilets / septic systems can become clogged with paper and waste. One common response is to grab a plunger and try to force the clog through, but this may only result in packing the clog tighter and making it more difficult to remove. Another option is to use a snake or other instrument to reach in and pull the source of the clog up and out of the drain, but this can be a messy, and often smelly process. Using the power of Drainbo® biological drain cleaner, all you do is mix the Drainbo® solution with water, pour into the drain, and wait. We recommend letting the solution sit overnight for best results, but the natural process of decomposition that Drainbo® promotes should begin taking effect within a matter of minutes. Any organic matter that was clogging the drain will decompose naturally and gravity will carry the former source of the clog down the drain where it belongs – no smelly mess required.

In addition to a biological drain cleaner, Drainbo® also offers non-toxic cleaners for a variety of other applications, from mopping the floor to cleaning your favorite wetsuit, from washing the car to removing pet stains and odors – you’ll be amazed by all the applications for which Drainbo® can be used.

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