Commercial Drain Cleaner

Commercial kitchens and other businesses that rely heavily on the use of sink drains and grease traps need drain cleaners that are safe and effective. Drainbo commercial drain cleaner and grease trap treatment is an all‑natural alternative to harmful drain cleaners and treatments that is safe for the environment and that works as well as any chemical based cleaner that you will find on the market. Drainbo literally eats away clogs and works perfectly as a preventative maintenance measure to keep clogs at bay so that a clogged drain doesn’t slow down your kitchen or your business.

Drainbo’s commercial drain cleaner and grease trap treatment isn’t like most cleaners or treatments that you’ll find on store shelves. Our cleaners are based on a natural formula that is actually made from a seven strain bacteria formula that unclogs drains by consuming the organic matter that forms a clog. The helpful bacteria within every bottle of non‑toxic Drainbo leverage the process of decomposition that appears in nature to eat through clogged drains and grease traps with ease. Drainbo is as easy to use as mixing 4 oz of the Drainbo solution (or 8 oz for heavy clogs) with 32 oz of warm water and letting that solution set for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, simply pour the solution into the drain or grease trap to unclog and let stand overnight. The next morning, use the drain or trap like normal ‑ no need to rinse with warm water. These steps can be repeated as necessary until the drain or trap is completely clear of blockage. While your business is closed, Drainbo will work all night like your personal plumber in a bottle to eat away at your clog piece by piece.

As a preventative measure, drains and grease traps can be treated with Drainbo as part of a regular maintenance program to keep all systems running at peak performance. Regularly using Drainbo commercial drain cleaner will fight the buildup of line and trap deposits, help your kitchen or business reduce overall maintenance costs, reduce foul odors, and insure clog‑free drains. When using Drainbo as part of a maintenance program you do not need to follow the mixing directions above, instead simply poor the product into the sink or floor drain following the dosage levels listed for your business type.

For more information on non‑toxic and biodegradable Drainbo commercial drain cleaner and how it can help your business avoid costly sink and grease trap clogs, contact Drainbo today.