Natural Drain Clog Remover

In the past, you didn’t have many options for unclogging clogged drains without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals. Some all natural products could free up small clogs, but moderate to heavily clogged drains typically required the use of harsh chemicals or a messy plumbing snake. At least until now. Drainbo all natural drain clog remover clears up drain clogs as well, if not better than, the harshest chemical cleaners on the market. The secret? Drainbo natural drain clog remover doesn’t burn through drain clogs ‑ it eats through drain clogs. That’s right. Drainbo is made from living organisms that actually eat through clogs.

Drainbo’s natural drain clog remover is a multi‑strain bacteria formulation that leverages the power of biological decomposition to devour the organic matter that commonly clogs residential drains; like grease, soap film, fats, oils, and food. With Drainbo, you can safely unclog your home drains without having to store harmful chemical based drain cleaners in the home and without the need to see, smell, or handle whatever is clogging your drain like you would if using a plumbing snake.

Treatment is recommended at night so that Drainbo can have as long as possible to eat through and clear whatever is causing your drain to be clogged. After first shaking the bottle of Drainbo to activate the formula, we recommend filling your sink with 4 oz of Drainbo natural drain clog remover and 32 oz of warm water. For heavy clogs, you can double the amount of Drainbo to 8 oz in 32 oz of warm water. Using a drain plug to keep the water and Drainbo in the sink, let this sit for about 15 minutes before releasing the drain stopper and allowing the Drainbo to enter the pipes and work on clearing the clog through the night while you sleep. When you wake up the next morning, simply start your day as usual ‑ no need to flush the line with warm water. If you don’t have a drain stopper, you can also let the Drainbo and warm water sit for 15 minutes in a bucket before slowly pouring the mix down your drain.

Unlike most drain cleaners that are harmful to the environment, Drainbo is a living organism that acts differently than traditional, chemical based cleaners. This is why you have to shake the Drainbo before introducing it into the water and why you have to let the Drainbo and the water sit for 15 minutes before allowing it to fill the drain pipes. Pouring Drainbo directly from the bottle into an open drain is ineffective and won’t work to clear your clogs.

For more information on our revolutionary and environmentally safe Drainbo all natural drain clog remover, or any of our other environmentally friendly cleaning products visit today.