Safe Drain Cleaning Product

If you have indoor plumbing, clogged drains will become a problem sooner or later. Having a clogged drain often means you have to use nasty chemicals to free the clog, and to make matters worse, the clog returns after a short period of time. This can be remedied by using a safe, all-natural drain cleaner by Drainbo.

What Is Drainbo?

Drainbo uses microbes in their drain cleaning formula that have been in the environment for a millenia. These microorganisms eat away and digest things that often get clogged in drains such as fats, oils, grease, soap film and common blockage material. After use, there are no harsh residues or by products; just the way it should be.

Is Drainbo Safe?

This drain cleaner is completely safe to use and specifically formulated to digest and remove all organic matter that goes down and clogs up your drain. This can be soap, oil, grease, laundry residue, and other congeals that build up in pipes.

Where Can I Use Drainbo?

The formula can be used for almost any clogged drain or pipe. This includes plumbing in recreational vehicles, septic tanks, bathroom drains and kitchen appliances. The lemon-scented formula also helps alleviate foul-smelling garbage cans.

How Do I Use Drainbo?

Pour 4 ounces of the cleaner into a 32 ounce bucket of warm water and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, pour the solution into the sink or drain and allow the microbes to do their work. This application works best when used overnight. Pouring the solution into the drain overnight allows the bacteria to do their job more effectively. In the morning be sure to not flush your sink or drain with hot water. You want to start your day as you normally would. If your drain has not been cleared of the clog, then you may use 8 ounces of Drainbo in a 32 ounce container of warm water to free stubborn blockage. Repeat the same steps as stated earlier and wait overnight to ensure the drain becomes suitable for use the next day.

Continued Maintenance

To ensure your drains are always free-flowing and clear, you will want to use Drainbo once a month or once every other month. Filling a clean container with the correct solution and pouring it down drains where soap and laundry detergent regularly congeal will keep your drains clean a free of debris. Please be aware that bleach and other whiteners used for laundry can harm the bacteria found in Drainbo. To counteract this, use Drainbo at least once a month in the drains where you do laundry. So next time you have a clogged drain, toss the dangerous chemicals and use Drainbo to safely clear blockages and keep your drains clean.