The Environmentally Safe All Natural Drain Cleaner

Drainbo® is the environmentally safe all natural drain cleaner. Our all natural drain cleaner is a seven-strain bacteria formula. We harness the natural power of the biological decomposition process by using nature’s way of recycling and self-renewal. Our all natural drain cleaner steadily decomposes organic waste and converts it to simple, sustainable substances that help the environment. Yes, you read that right. Our all natural drain cleaner helps the environment. So many drain cleaners do the opposite.

Why should you use an all natural drain cleaner?

Well, we can tell you from first-hand experience the damage that traditional drain cleaners can do to your pipes and the environment. They have a corrosive effect which puts toxins into your system and the environment. That’s not good for you, your family, or the environment. We decided that there had to be a better way. We turned to nature and found our inspiration for our all natural drain cleaner. We wanted to create a safe, all-natural product that didn’t use any of those toxic ingredients we found in other drain cleaners. That’s how Drainbo® was created. Our all natural drain cleaner uses nature’s recycling and renewing energy via decomposition. We have created a seven strain bacteria formula that uses the natural processes of biological decomposition of organic waste matter to convert your waste into simple, essential substances that can be reused by the environment.

How do I use Drainbo®?

Well, you take the product and put it down the drain like you would any other product. However, you must turn on the water to activate the organisms that will consume your clogs. Only then will Drainbo® be able to eat away at whatever materials are causing your drains to clog. Our all natural drain cleaner will work hard on your clog. You should begin to see results in minutes. For best results or really difficult clogs, however, we do suggest that let Drainbo® work overnight. In the morning, you’ll awaken to a clear drain. How refreshing – and it’s so easy too. All you do is apply Drainbo® to your clog, you’re done. Drainbo® does the rest. There’s no plunging required, and you don’t have to remove any unsightly gunk. Our all natural drain cleaner takes care of that for you by decomposing the matter by itself.

What else can I use your all natural drain cleaner for?

Drainbo® works with more than just clogged drains. It’s also a great tool to use for ongoing plumbing and drain maintenance. It’s important to keep your drains clean because it keeps your plumbing working at optimal levels and prevents you from needing costly plumbing repairs. You should treat your sinks every few months with our all natural drain cleaner to keep them clear of any organic build up like food or hair. You can certainly do this more frequently for drains that are more heavily used.

Drainbo® provides a long-term solution to your drain problems that won’t corrode your plumbing or harm your health, or the environment. We take great pride in our product and hope you will too. Feel free to read through our website at We have a lot of information to share with you and know you’ll be happy with our all natural drain cleaner.