Drainbo’s Septic System Treatment & Cleaner

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All Natural Septic System Treatment and Cleaner

Drainbo Keeps Septic Systems Operating At Peak Efficiency

Unlike a municipal wastewater system, you own your septic system, and must properly maintain and service it to ensure it functions properly. If you don’t keep up on taking care of your septic system, it can not only be costly, but a deteriorating septic system is a common source of water pollution and danger to human health. Here’s a few kinds of septic tanks that can benefit from our all natural septic treatment:

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Residential Septic Systems

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Alternative Septic Systems

(Float Switches, Pumps, Mechanical Components)

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Restaurant Septic Systems

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Commercial Septic Systems

Keep Your Septic System Clean and Efficient 

Treating your septic system with Drainbo’s Septic System Treatment and Cleaner will keep your system in balance the way nature intended. For septic systems, we recommend using 32 ounces of our all natural septic treatment in all of the kitchens, baths, and laundry sinks in your home or commercial building at least every other month. In doing so, you can help to assure soaps, oils, and greases that congeal in the pipes are digested by the seven-strain bacterial formula.


At Drainbo, we understand that septic system cleaning isn’t generally something you think about on a regular basis. That’s why we have created a guide of how often to clean your septic tank to make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency: 

  • If you have a septic system that is less than three years old, you typically only have to treat it once per year. 
  • For septic systems that are five years old, it is recommended to treat them with our all natural septic treatment every nine months. 
  • Septic tanks that are older than five years should be treated twice a year, or every six months.
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Why All Natural Septic Treatment Matters

Our Drainbo team has over 50 years of experience in commercial drains, plumbing, and waste management. In today’s day and age, people are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and their impact in the environment. We are highly invested in taking care of our environment, and that’s how all of our natural cleaning products came to be. All of our products are free of chemicals, nontoxic, and completely safe cleaning products to use in your home and around your family. 


Not only are our products safe and chemical-free, but they are also just as effective as the most popular cleaning products in the market that use harsh chemicals. We believe we are responsible for our planet, so we are proud to provide all natural drain cleaners, septic treatments, and so much more to our consumers to prevent harmful toxins from entering into our environment. 


Shop Our Safe Cleaning Products Today 

In addition to our all natural septic treatment, we also offer all natural drain cleaner, all purpose cleaners, grease trap treatments, and much more. Shop our online store today, or visit your local Home Depot to try out our safe, environmentally-safe cleaning products.