Natural and environmentally friendly product

Natural and environmentally friendly product

Owning a private septic system, I try to do my best to maintain it’s good operation. I have previously used other brands of septic tank treatments, but was curious how this brand would perform. I like that it is packaged in an easy to use and store plastic container. Application was simple – pour in drain or toilet and flush with water. I noticed that the product was subject to splashing as I poured it into my toilet bowl so careful attention is advised while pouring.

I was very impressed that the active ingredients are naturally grown bacillus and derivatives from various fruits and vegetable based cleaning agents – all natural microbes and no GMOs. This is truly a biological product that is environment friendly. You do however, as with most treatments and cleaners, need to keep this product out of the reach of children.

Normal use requires adding one container every three months. More frequent if cooking greases are poured down your drain. If you are having septic difficulties, one container per week for 8 weeks is advised, followed by monthly treatments. This product can be used year round in all climates for septic system preventive maintenance and clog-free drains.

This is a very economical product for maintaining good septic system performance. I have already purchased an additional bottle and marked my calendar so I will be on schedule for the next application.

Tanner08 via Westminster, MD