Urinal Block and Screen

Eliminate odors while insuring clog-free urinal drains with Drainbo’s Urinal Block and Screen. For years, people have tried many different products to try and mask the urine smell, but have never attacked the cause of the odor itself. That is until now. Drainbo is proud to offer our Urinal Block and Screen, which carries with it our increased knowledge of bacillus. Unlike other urinal products which simply mask odor, the bacillus strains present in our Urinal Block and Screen will degrade and digest out the uric acid, which is the leading cause of odors in the urinal system. Our Urinal Blocks and Screen also takes it one step further by providing a beneficial drain line treatment as well. Uric acid dries to a crystalline structure, which has the ability to slow the drain system, which can lead to costly backups. With our Urinal Block and Screen, as the bacillus strains are released with normal use of the urinal, they provide continuous drain treatment, reducing uric acid as well as other organic matter which builds up in the drain lines. So stop spending money to simply mask the problem and eliminate the problem at the source by using Drainbo’s Urinal Block and Screen. Just like our other all natural cleaners, this product is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

  • Totally eliminate odors at the source
  • Cleans and prevents drain line buildup
  • Non-staining, biodegradable, non-toxic
  • Increased size lasts up to 60 days
  • Urinal Blocks and Screen provide initial odor control by the use of pleasant fragrances, as well as the elimination of odors at the source
  • Reduces the cost of drain blockage treatments
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Great 2-in-1 product for stains and smells

"We regularly get pet stains on our carpet

so I tried using the Drainbo on them. I'm typically skeptical about ""natural"" cleaning products because I feel like you need the chemicals to actually get clean it actually eliminates them. They use some type of natural enzyme formula that breaks down the odors and in about 10 minutes

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