Drainbo’s All Natural Drain Cleaner

All Natural Drain Cleaner

Safe For Your Home, Family, and the Environment

Drainbo Natural Drain Cleaner is made up of a bacillus formulation that uses the natural process of decomposition, without harmful or toxic chemicals, to break down materials that have built up in your drain. Not only does it help release stubborn clogs, but it also helps with a host of other issues that arise in and around your home. Here are a few of the uses of this all natural drain cleaner:

Drainbo's all natural drain cleaner being poured down sink drain
Drainbo's all natural drain cleaner safe for use in all pipes and plumbing

Slow Running or Clogged Drains

Drainbo's all natural drain cleaner safe for use in bathrooms

Septic Systems

Drainbo's all natural drain cleaner safe for use in RVs

Recreational Vehicles

Drainbo's all natural drain cleaner active bacteria

Reducing or Eliminating Odors

Drainbo all natural drain cleaner preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Washing hands over sink that used Drainbo's all natural drain cleaner

Nontoxic Home Drain Cleaner

Safe For Your Home, Family, and the Environment

Each time the dishes are washed, showers or baths taken, or laundry is started, soap congeals in the drains. When this occurs, hair and other material collects en masse, and stops water from flowing. Drainbo’s safe, all natural drain cleaners have been specifically formulated to consume most everything that goes down our residential drains to keep them running free, clear, and safe for our environment.

Keep in mind, Drainbo is a concentrated drain cleaner and must be activated prior to pouring down the drain.

Here is how to activate and use our all natural drain cleaner:

1) Shake the bottle thoroughly before using.
Either plug the sink where the slow drain is located, or use a clean, one gallon bucket or container, and mix four ounces of Drainbo with 32 ounces of warm water before you go to bed.

2) After combining Drainbo with the warm water, let it sit for about 15 minutes to activate the product.

3) Unplug the sink, or pour the mixture down the drain. While Drainbo works quickly, it’s best to leave the product in your pipe overnight to allow the safe, all natural formula to break down stubborn matter that has collected in the pipe.

4) The following morning, start your day as usual. DO NOT flush the product with hot water.

*For severely clogged drains, you can increase the amount of Drainbo used to eight ounces with 32 ounces of warm water for a stronger treatment. Repeat the treatment if needed until the drain runs free.

The Natural Drain Cleaner With Many Uses

Drainbo’s fast acting, industrial strength formulation clears through tough clogged drains and is completely safe for use in your home. In addition to its power capabilities of tackling even the toughest of clogs without using any harmful chemicals, it also has a fresh lemon scent that is perfect for reducing any areas in or around your home that may have unpleasant odors, such as dog runs, garbage cans, septic systems, and more.

Dad and son looking in mirror laughing with shaving cream on face. Drainbo's all natural drain cleaner

Utilize Drainbo For Preventative Maintenance

Regular use of Drainbo can assure your drains and pipes are free-flowing, and it’s perfectly safe for use throughout the year by regular application in all household sinks and drains. Following the above directions once a month, or every other month, this bathroom drain cleaner can prevent future clogs from occurring. We highly recommend doing so in showers and bathtubs, as well as laundry drains where soap scum regularly collects.